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Wanting to schedule a long weekend for your boudoir session? If you're looking for a Friday, pay attention to this! 


To be honest, I think EVERYONE should take a long weekend for your boudoir session. I mean, you're working with some pretty awesome hair and makeup, which can be preserved if you're talented enough to sleep on your back and still as a rock (or if you don't have super oily and stringy hair like mine). Your boudoir session builds you up, you're rocking the beauty that was always there... of COURSE you need a solid three days to work the resulting confidence. 

However, if you're wanting to have your boudoir session on a Friday, we have very limited availability. It's not exactly bad news, because I am warning you! This is wonderful news because now you have a chance at a Friday at your fingertips. 

So, what does limited availability mean? It means we have LESS than 15 Fridays available for the rest of the year. That means for 2018, late June is the earliest available and there isn't a whole lot after that (unless someone invents a second Friday or a miracle happens).

Want to book your Friday session? Get in touch with us, now! We'll select your date, accept your deposit, and start planning your boudoir session! 


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