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It’s a rainy Thursday here in Atlanta and we have our LAST two boudoir shoots of 2018 coming up. This last week has been a hard one as we have been racing against the clock and against UPS to make sure all of the holiday orders are out before we take off for the year. At this point I feel like we need a boudoir studio JUST to hold all of the packages and shipping materials that we have accumulated.

This year has been one of those that I’m not quite certain wasn’t a really intense dream. We have had months full of fun, months full of what can only be described as “double mercury in retrograde” and months that have seemed to go by so fast that we are wondering if they even exist.

Ahyway, a longer “end of the year” post is definitely coming up… but I wanted to write a little “pre thank you!!!” for this 7th year in the business of boudoir!

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Speaking of the last of the year, our pricing and options will be changing for 2019. For a limited time you can still book your boudoir session under the 2018 pricing options! Make us one of your goals for 2019!