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Have you found a photograph that you want to recreate during your boudoir session? Inspiration can be found anywhere. Let's talk about how that looks for boudoir! 


Part of the process of planning our boudoir sessions is us asking for your boudoir inspiration photos. Boudoir inspiration can come from ANY where. Recently we're seeing a LOT of Calvin Klein style inspiration... which is fabulous for the every-day-sexy look. We also see a lot of inspiration for bridal boudoir, shower sessions, and sheet sessions! 

When you send us your inspiration photos we will always take your inspiration and fit it to your session in the best way possible. 

Here is an example of one of the inspiration photos that we get the most! I LOVE this image for bridal boudoir. 

boudoir inspiration image, own boudoir inspiration

It is intimate and shows the very beginning stages (the underwear!) and the ending touches (the veil) of the wedding day wardrobe. 

While this particular image is stunning, it is likely taken in a hotel-suite type of setting (you can not the chair style and the furniture in the background) and early in the morning with ample natural light. The Hotel-suite setting allows for a wide open space with plenty of room. By editing the image in black and white all color distractions, wall plugs, bridal party bags, etc, are removed from view! All that you see is the bride! 

Inspiration photos are fantastic, and incredibly helpful. While our setting may not always be an exact replica of your inspiration image, I'll absolutely crank out an image that has the flavor of what you sent me!

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And here is OUR version of this image!!! I love it love it love it. Notice the details of this image. We have a floor-length veil, a dark chair (to separate our client's bright veil and backlight), and we're in a  darker room (the brick makes it that way!). I love it. It is different from the inspiration image, but it definitely has some resemblance. 

Send us your inspiration and let us create something amazing for you.