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Thinking about bringing props to your boudoir session? Here's a novel idea (pun intended).


When clients ask about bringing in props the question nearly 100% of the time is "What should I bring in?". 

The question I then ask is: "Well, what are your hobbies, passions, weekend activities, etc?" For us we define a "prop" as anything that ISN'T your wardrobe. That can mean a bottle of nice whiskey, bedroom toys (wink wink), golf clubs, a whisk and apron, paint, etc. You pick. After all, these are your OWN images. 

I will say that books are one of my favorite boudoir session props. A. Because I think reading is sexy and I love to read and B. Because they are fun to place around my clients.

We had some really fun props brought in this past week for boudoir sessions, so I cannot wait to show you those!!! Bring on the uniqueness! 

And for those that love books, here you go: 

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