New lingerie brand alert!! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Hey hey hey, happy hump-day (which is totally boudoir appropriate) and stuff like that. It sounds a bit cynical to say "and stuff like that", but really... who knows what you're doing or HOW you're doing on this Wednesday. Though we may all be doing different activities at the moment, if you're on this boudoir blog then we have one thing in common: boudoir. Cue Captain Obvious. 

Since we are all here for boudoir information (because I know you're not here for my excellent writing skills) I wanted to let you guys know about an amazing lingerie brand that a recent client introduced me to! 

The brand is called: Altur and you can find them at:

Taking a quick peek around their site I see that you can find lingerie sets at around $39 each. By set I mean BRA and UNDIES. Two thangs, ya'll. 

I've seen a bodysuit in person (picture below) and haven't yet seen the bra sets, but they are beautiful and it is worth a shot to try them out!!! Let me know what you think!

In love and lace and hump days,