A peak inside my (boudoir) closet!

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Let’s talk about one of the most important details of your boudoir session: wardrobe

Of course, since this is one of the most important details, it is also a detail that gets a heavy dose of anxiety. How do you know what bra type looks best on your body? Is it a demi cup? Balconette? Contour? What even IS a balconette anyway? And where do you buy these things (with all of your free time) after you figure out what you’re looking for? That bra costs HOW much?! 

These are only a snippet of the anxious thoughts that can go through your brain in .5 seconds as you’re planning your boudoir session.   Though we’ve mentioned it before, let me say it again: we are here to help. 

Over the last year I’ve started building a collection of lingerie to keep in-studio to help take some of the stress off of your shoot-preparation. This lingerie collection includes anything from lace-robes to chunky sweaters, towels to ties, and platform heels to handcuffs. It’s designed to take the pressure off of the idea that you HAVE to purchase a new ’sexy wardrobe’ for your boudoir session.   Let me provide it, or at least some of it, for you.

Kelsey, our client manager extraordinaire (and the girl you’ll text at 3am when you’re having nightmares about shoe-choices), recently photographed a few pieces from our in-studio boudoir closet in order to show you just a bit of what is available. The closet is constantly growing, too. Are you looking for something specific? Ask us if we have it! 

(continued below is the sneak peek from my boudoir closet)

boudoir closet boudoir wardrobe ideas

Another added bonus to the wardrobe closet? If you want to donate your purchased items to the closet after your session then you’ll receive a credit off of your album, prints, digitals, canvas, etc! We’ll even cover the dry-cleaning bill. 

Here are a few more samples from the boudoir closet! See anything you love?! : 

boudoir closet items