What REALLY goes on in your boudoir shoot? | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

As you may have heard, a boudoir shoot can be a fun, rewarding, exhilarating, powerful, and thrilling experience. The MOST common feeling leading up to it? Nervousness! DUH, it's not everyday you travel to a factory in downtown Atlanta for a boudoir session.

To help ease a bit of your anxiety, here's my face and personality, in the video below! I had this filmed a little bit ago so that your can check out what ACTUALLY goes on in a shoot. You will never be alone in the process. Your poses, your wardrobe, your hair and makeup; all are taken care of but us during the planning process. My instructions (read: bossiness hahaha) during your session will never leave you without an idea of what to do. The result? The best boudoir images in Atlanta and in the entire universe. Promise. :)

Watch below to see what I'm talking about!

*Disclaimer - this is is my OLD studio, and my OLD hair cut/color :). Everything else - your experience and my excitement- is the same!*


Ready to have the best boudoir experience possible (plus get to hear all of my corny jokes?)

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