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Outside of "will you tell me what to do with my face?" likely our second most-asked question is "Do I need to bring in my own lingerie?".

This question probably gets asked by 90% of my clients. Think about it: lingerie shopping isn't nearly as habitual as your weekly trip to Target (that always ends in buying an entirely new wardrobe). Lingerie is an afterthought for us, and I'll bet some of you still have underwear from 2012. (guilty). The thing is, lingerie is often an afterthought. If it is an afterthought then OF COURSE you probably don't have any. Then, you book your boudoir session and suddenly the panic sets in. 

"Oh lawd, I don't have any lingerie aside from an old Victoria's secret robe that I bought in college for that boyfriend that definitely didn't deserve me"

Well, you're in luck because we are here to help.

The answer to the "do I need to bring in my own items" is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

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Bringing your own lingerie is crucial if you have specific pieces and styles that you are really wanting to be photographed in because I may not be able to match them with the items I have in my boudoir closet. 

In my boudoir closet (in-studio! These are not my personal lingerie pieces :) ) I do have corsets, button-up shirts, fur shawls, lace and satin robes, some one-pieces, garter belts, and replacement panty hose/thigh highs, and high-heels. We are constantly updating the closet, and often clients will leave their lingerie with us as a donation. Woo hoo!!! Fret not, though, it's all cleaned.

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For the most part if you ARE looking for a specific lingerie look you will need to bring in those pieces, but if you are interested in just ‘showing up’ and living on the other side of my lens I can absolutely help you out in the wardrobe may even find an item that you would have never tried before (like a garter belt!), but that ends up being your favorite!

Once your session is booked we have a completely open dialogue about your wardrobe. As we are planning, ask me what styles/sizes/etc we have have and if it would be available to you! Trust me when I say it will help you to not have to run around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to find a sheer fabric panel or 34 strands of pearls or body paint or black pumps or a lace robe or the perfect white button up or ______ or _____ or _____. You name it. 

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If you’d like to bring your own lingerie but have NO idea where to search for items that you need then check out this blog post on where to shop for your boudoir session! We can easily make a phone call for you and set up an appointment at one of our favorite stores :) You may even get a little discount incentive from them for being a referral! 


Still have questions about wardrobe and how our boudoir closet works? Get in touch here