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Wrapping up the season for Atlanta Boudoir


Being that it is the holiday season I of course wanted to some how incorporate some sort of present or gift-giving joke. Cue my "We're all wrapped up!" . I think it works, right?

Well that's it folks, we really are all wrapped up for the 2017 holiday season over here at OWN boudoir! There are a few boudoir sessions left that will round out our year, and one of them is even a shoot booked for a Christmas gift! She'll be walking away with a set of personal polaroids that we'll take during her session. Genius, right? Plus: WHAT a great stocking stuffer! 

*Side note, we are also doing these polaroids for Valentine's day, for those that haven't gotten booked before our cut-off! You can bring your S.O. back in to view the images together after VDay, but give the gift of some sexy polaroids over the dinner table ;) 

Thank you so so so so sooooooooooooooooooo much for your support and excitement about boudoir in 2017. 

Let's make 2018 our OWN

In love, wrapping paper, and paper cuts, 

Sarah and team

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