Looking for the perfect Valentine's day gift? | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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In the spirit of gift-giving season, let's talk about another occasion for giving the gift of boudoir images..

Valentine's day!!!!


If you're like me then you are constantly looking for an excuse to treat yo' self. Oh, it's Tuesday and I woke up on my first alarm? Why yes I DO deserve to order those boots I've had my eye on. I've finished all of my editing a few hours early? Okay fine, I'll definitely head out for margarita happy hour. What's that you say? It's Valentine's day? YES I SHALL CELEBRATE THIS HOLIDAY OF LOVE BY LOVING MYSELF! 

See what I did there? Of course, your boudoir session is a also a perfect gift for someone else that you love. 

If you're in the Atlanta area (or just have the ability to get to the Atlanta area) we still have a few spots open for you to be able to have your boudoir images back in time for Valentine's day! We've just started offering mini-companion albums when you purchase an album collection... so if you're wanting a gift for your lovahhhhhhhh you also get one for you!


Ready to treat yo' self? Get in touch!!!


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