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Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

Every now and then I get a wild and crazy idea (pleasseeee say that in the Two Wild and Crazy Guys voices). 

For some odd reason my current wild and crazy idea has to do with altering the environment of my studio with mediums usually used for something else. Take for instance a fog machine. A Fog machine isn't exactly a typical boudoir studio feature. Mostly we're used to them at haunted houses, EDM shows, or our high-school proms. Lately, however, I've been wanting to bring in a fog machine for boudoir. No clue how this would work, it may end up looking more creepy than cool, but you never know until you try! I'm currently on hiatus from trying the fog machine until I figure out whether or not the sprinklers in my Atlanta boudoir studio would be triggered. That's one fast way to a headache and a mega bill from the fire department.

This past weekend while we were at my boyfriend's family's house, I saw a lonely little bubble machine sitting in the corner by another very lonely popcorn machine (more on that later). A lightbulb went off and I started dreaming of ways to use that giant neon-green and purple toy. A bubble machine could be completely cheesy and hilarious, or with the way light fractures and other science stuff, it could be AMAZZZZINNNNNGGGGG. 

So, my boyfriend brought the bubble machine home. I stocked up on bubble fluid (which is gross and sticky BTW) and proposed to my client to let me experiment with her. I clarified that the experiment would happen after we got the kick-ass shots that she came to me for. She agreed, and so after her session we altered the studio environment with a 5-yr old's birthday party toy. 

I LOVE the results and am dreaming up of other ways to use the lil bubs for boudoir. I'm making a list :) 

Here is a sneak peek at what today's boudoir session's experimental phase looked like:


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