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One of the most fun (I resisted the urger to say "funnest") parts of planning your boudoir session is that we get to plan your wardrobe. 

My descriptive phrase for this portion of the planning process is: Adult Dress up

Of course, that phrase makes wardrobe planning sound a little more rated-R than it actually is, but hey.... sometimes we DO get a little R-rated for your boudoir session! 

About a month ago we had a lovely lady come in for her 6th (sixth!!!) session with us. The challenge presented to us for this particular session was to make sure that her wardrobe planning, or adult dress-up, let us choose a wardrobe that was completely different than anything she has done with us. 

Challenge accepted. 

Immediately I thought about a rhinestone body-suit. I had seen a few during my Pinterest and Instagram browsing hours, and there are a few boutiques here in Atlanta that carry them. After we mentioned this idea we all knew that this was definitely the route we wanted to go with her wardrobe. Of course, sometimes when you have a brilliant idea the universe throws a wrench and you realize you've got to works a little harder for that idea. 

With the rhinestone bodysuit we quickly discovered that they are a) Hard to find and b) extremely pricey due to them needing to be custom made. We didn't have that kind of time or budget, though, so an extreme brain-storming session needed to be had. 

Cue the brilliant brain of my client manager (and wardrobe planner), Kelsey. She suggested that we create our own illusion of a rhinestone bodysuit by buying individual sheets of rhinestones and manually sticking them to the skin of our client. Brilliant. 


....but brilliant. 

The results were that we had an insanely unique boudoir look that we had full control over. I loveeeeeeee it. AND I got to keep the additional rhinestone sheets for my own adult dress-up.