Heading to Houston (among other places)! | Boudoir Photographer

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com


Looking ahead at the next year, even though it is only August, I can see that my boudoir session travel schedule is already filling up! Specifically for January I'll be in Houston AND in Portland! 

Come see me for your own Texas-sized boudoir session (that's where everything is BIGGER, though I haven't really figured out how to interpret that quite yet... but I promise to only make certain parts of you look bigger) in Houston. Another idea? let's drive 30 minutes outside of the city and make our way to Galveston! Beach boudoir anyone? 

For those interested in seeing what the beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer for your boudoir session come see me in Oregon! I'll be in the Portland area for a few days in January as well as making my way to the coast. The Oregonian coast might as well be an undiscovered land mass it's so deserted. This makes for an amazing private opportunity for a usually public outdoor boudoir session.

Should you be in any of those areas in January, or you know of friends that would be interested in a boudoir session in that area please get in touch! It's a rare opportunity to have a unique setting for your boudoir session!

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