Client Interview: "I... have nothing to hide." | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Though I could talk on and on (and on and on and on and on) about why I know that a boudoir session will not be nearly as hive-inducing as you would believe, the best way for you to gain a bit more courage to have your OWN session is for you to read about another's experience. 

It is so often that I get the question about whether or not the women only website are models. You can read more about that here. While my clients are not technically models at the start of their session, when their images are ready for viewing they may decide on a career change :) 

Read on to see how this real-life person handled her boudoir session, coming out more confident; a woman with nothing to hide.


1) How old are you... or if you prefer, who were you listening to at age 14 :)? My age is less embarrassing than my music selection. 33

2) What do you do for a living? Attorney

3) What/who made you decide to book a boudoir session?
I was getting married and in better shape than I have been for years. A few of my friends had done boudoir and loved it. I wanted to do it for myself as a confidence boost, but also to give a gift to my new husband. He is obsessed with the photos. I took your advice to text him one on the hour every hour. I sent him one of me in the doggie position right before we walked down the aisle. He said it was the best gift he has ever received!!

4) Did you have any obstacles or fears about boudoir? No

5) Why did you choose OWN? Because a friend of mine used the studio and her pictures were AMAZING. She said it was so comfortable and relaxed despite getting half naked in front of a stranger, so I knew it was the best choice for me.

6) How was the actual session different from what you expected (if at all)? Yes I was actually relieved that you told me what to do. I am a moron in front of the camera and I had no clue what to do. I was so glad that you directed me.

7) What was your favorite part of the entire experience? (priming, the shoot, seeing images, giving the images..etc) The shoot!. It was the sexiest and most confident I have ever felt. Second best was giving the images because I knew other than you and me, it was for my husband's eyes and I wanted him to have that. 

8) How has the response been to your images? Well judging by the fact that he made a slideshow of my images as the screensaver on our tv... I would say pretty damn good. 

9) What is your advice for women interested in such a session? Don't hesitate!! Do this for yourself. You will never forget how confident and sexy you felt. It is the best gift you Can give yourself

10) Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty as a result of this session? Yes. I felt more confident in sex and just in walking around my house. I feel like I have nothing to hide!