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Holy moly, this post is so long overdue that I think Beyonce was still in Destiny's Child when I needed to write it. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to introduce this new face to you all, but I can tell you that I am ecstatic to do so! The past 6 months have been spent testing and trying out a series of different roles for those of us here at OWN. By those of us I mean myself (duh, hello), Larissa (whom you met a bit ago), and....drumroll..... KELSEY!!! 

I brought Kelsey on to the team in January to test out her abilities to basically be your boudoir-version of Siri.

'Kelsey, what is a corset?' 

'Kelsey, tell me the difference between a balconette and a demi-bra?'

'Kelsey, how do I pronounce "boudoir"?'

Needless to say, it did not take long for us to realize that she was A) Killer at being boudoir-Siri and B) Much appreciated by everyone. While I welcome texts, calls, and can be hard for me to answer while I am being a kick-ass photographer, and sometimes you REALLY need an answer within 5 seconds (like if you're standing in line at a store with 5 min to spare before you have to jet off to a meeting). This is one reason, among a bazillion others, that Kelsey is a great part of the team. 

Read below to find out more about her, and to put a face to a name!

1) Where are you from?

I am originally from McDonough, Georgia but now I live in Charleston, South Carolina.

2) What's the worst job you've ever had?

I worked at a day care in the 2 year old room… I lasted two weeks! 

3) What is your role here at OWN?

I am the client manager for OWN. Once you book your shoot, you and I become best friends. Our fun texts will consist of advice, wardrobe discussions, amazing lingerie pieces, what wardrobe pieces will fit your OWN style, hair and makeup, tips and tricks to use before your shoot, what to expect, and a lot of exclamation marks. I get really excited about talking with new people!!!! 

own boudoir client manager

4) What can a client expect from you throughout their experience with OWN?

A client can expect to find their OWN style and confidence by talking with me. Every woman is beautiful and has a different aspect to bring to the studio, it is my job to help clients find what that aspect is so they can “rock it” on camera with Sarah. 

5) What is the #1 question that you get from clients?

"Where should I shop?" This is a great question and I hear it a lot. As great as Victoria’s Secret may be, there are a ton of other lingerie shops! Once we chat, I can give you a list of stores that will fit your body type and wants. When you are shopping, I would always recommend buying pieces that look good from all angles. If your lingerie looks great from all angles, you wont be worried about hiding certain places during your shoot. Also, if you're going to buy lingerie, buy one piece you really, really love and let’s figure the other items out. Heck, if you can, go on a lingerie shopping spree and buy all the pieces that you love and we can get super excited and be totally girly girls as we swoon over your purchase(s).

6) How can clients get the most out of you? 

Be honest! I have heard it all before, I promise! Don’t be shy, lay it all on the table and let's have a blast together picking out your wardrobe and what makes you feel beautiful and confident. Every woman is different and that’s ok, lets celebrate you!!! Tell me what you are thinking or what you want no matter how kinky, strange, or conservative you think it may be...if you want it, lets talk about it. Don’t be shy!

own boudoir atlanta photographer

7) Have you ever done a boudoir session before?

YES, and I LOVED every second of it. I want to do another one so badly! I felt so beautiful and empowered. I walked away from my session with Sarah feeling ten feet taller. I originally bought the session for my husband, but it ended up being for me! I even have one of the images framed in our master bathroom. I find myself looking at it often saying, “dang, that’s me!”. 

8) What is your #1 piece of advice that you have for clients?

It is okay to be nervous. It is not everyday that you pose in front of a camera wearing lingerie. It is normal to have butterflies. We can work through the nerves together by finding inspirational pictures and wardrobe pieces that fit your body type and overall “look”. 

9) What is one thing that you'd like clients to know about you?

I live in Charleston, South Carolina. As much as I would love to meet up or see you in person; phone calls, text, email, and social media are the only way we can chat. If you ever happen to be in Charleston though, hit me up and I can give you the low down on this gorgeous city or you can stalk me at any local coffee shop! I also teach first grade at an amazing Christian school. I am teacher by day, boudoir client manager by night!

10) Favorite food?

Popcorn with truffle oil and garlic salt… YUM!!!

11) Guilty pleasure?

Binge watching Netflix in my pajamas all day with my husband and dog while eating handfuls of salty popcorn. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it is glorious! 

12) One thing that drives you bat-shit insane?

Lying. Don't do it. 

13) Favorite item of clothing?

My Longchamp bag. I am Mary Poppins with my purses. I love how much junk - I mean stuff - I can fit into my Longchamp purse. I carry it everywhere with me. It is water proof, sturdy, and stylish…win! 

14) One thing you wish existed but hasn't been invented yet?

A teleporter. I love traveling and going new places, but I am not a big fan of driving or riding on air planes so I wish I could teleport myself places whenever I wanted to, in less then five minutes! Boom… Ireland, Boom… New York. Come one Georgia Tech graduates, you can do that! 

Kelsey and Larissa (our studio manager!)

Kelsey and Larissa (our studio manager!)