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Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

Here are some questions that many clients have nestled in the back of their minds, but that few clients have the courage to ask. 

"Is it ok if I bring a prop to my session?"

"Will it be super cheesy if I bring a prop?"

"How do you feel about... props?"

My answer is: Yes of COURSE you can bring a personal prop into a session, I do not feel ANY type of discouragement against props unless you are using a prop to hide behind (I'm looking at you, life-sized-Shaq-jersey). Let's make your boudoir session unique to you! Also, the only cheesy prop is a literal piece of cheese :)... which sounds about how my next boudoir session will go! 

God, I love cheese. 


Check out this 'prop' that was brought in. Ventilation was a must, and so was this shot. 

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