These women want you to know what it's all about | Atlanta boudoir photographer

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Booking a boudoir session can be daunting. Terrifying.

You want to know: "What is it like?"

How did other people do it?

Did they know what they are doing?

Are they all 22yr old supermodels?

You've had kids... will you look like the other women on the website?

How did other women feel when they came in to their sessions?

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The best answer these questions is to read from the comments of ACTUAL boudoir clients. You'll be able to hear their 1st person point of view and be able to understand where our clients are coming from. They are moms, they are wives, they are single women, they are doctors, they are nannies, they are women. 

Check out this bulk set of client interviews to find out who the women are behind the images:

I'm a photographer

I am empowered

At 50, I am beautiful

At 50 I am me

This is my OWN milestone

My body is my art

This new perspective has changed my view

Just because I'm conservative doesn't mean I'm not sensual