OWN Boudoir sample sessions - May 20th!

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Have you been thinking about a session but feel a little hesitant? Maybe you want to check it out, see what posing will be like, or just make sure that you want to make the full investment? I have just the opportunity for you.

On Friday, May 20th, I will be doing sample sessions that will give you a taste of what a normal session would be like, while still providing you gorgeous images to choose from for your product of choice!  These sample sessions will have a specific theme. The theme of this sample session is "Wet" .For example,  I have a shower (I have one in my studio!), a spray bottle, you could have a bucket of water thrown on you, just a wet t-shirt, etc......the possibilities for creativity are endless :). If you'd like to fly me on a private jet to the nearest beach to do some ocean shots, I'm down for that as well ;).

Read below for additional information and details - I'd like to interrupt this PSA to show you an example of what I mean by "wet":

boudoir sample session


The sessions will be 30 minutes long, and start on the hour (starting at 9am that day). You'll need to come ready to go with makeup and hair completed before you get here. After everything is said and one, you will have about 25-30 completed images to choose from! Like a regular session, we will set up a viewing appointment where you will come back in after your shoot and go through the images and pick the ones you'd like to keep. 

Other FYI's: You will bring with you one outfit!  It can be whatever you want, but I recommend something that you don't mind getting wet. Wardrobe ideas: white t-shirt/tank, nude lingerie, nothing at all - go nude, any type of non padded bra, bodysuits, etc. This is NOT great for bridal shots (if that is your main focus)..... we will be focusing on the 'wet look' for the majority of the session.  You will also need to possibly be ok with having your hair wet a bit ;). 

sample session album

You have two options for the session (full cost due at booking). You have the option to add makeup only (done by one of our artists) to your session, but not hair, as your hair will most likely be getting wet! We will need to know at time of booking if you are adding on makeup to ensure that a makeup artist is available. The cost of makeup is $100 in addition to the pricing below:

1. The 30 minute session comes with a $50 credit towards print or digital products (see below for pricing) - $200

2. The Sample Session comes with a 5x5 album that will hold 20 images - $500

As of now, there are openings starting at 1:30 on the half hour. The last session will start at 5:30pm.  

Interested in booking your OWN boudoir session? Click here.

sample session albums