A little bit of light | Boudoir photography

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

While my boudoir studio here in Atlanta is generally FULL of daylight from sunrise to sunset, not everyone comes to me with a desire for bright and airy images. It’s a good thing, too because I love to change up the mood and tone every now and again. 

This image is an example of an instance in which I took a bright and sunny day and made it my little b****. We told that bright, burning, ball of fire in the sky to chill out while we did what we wanted. 


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Surprisingly enough this image was lit by a $10 clamp light from Home Depot. The image itself came out much more elegantly than the behind-the-scenes shot would prompt you to expect. 

Keep set-ups like this in mind when you are planning your boudoir session! If you’re only available during daylight hours, but would still love a moody session full of sensual shadows then we can absolutely give that to you. Your images will be fantastic, even if the method seems a bit unrefined.