Bridal boudoir is the gift of the season

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It's that time of year when the weather starts getting more tolerable, fall festivals are splattering their posters on every telephone poll, and the holidays are basically next week. Do you know what the holidays bring? Engagements! And engagements mean that we are pretty much gearing up for another wedding season!!!! 

-cue a 'wedding crashers' reference here- 

Someone bring me some crab cakes and a chardonnay. 

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The excuses of all excuses to have an incredible experience for yourself and an incredible proof of your beauty has GOT to be a wedding. It doesn’t even have to be *your* wedding ::wink wink:: I'm all for you having a boudoir session if you just overhear someone talking about a wedding :) 

 Of course… a wedding is one fabulous excuse, but there are a million other excuses to book a boudoir session for yourself. It isn’t always about giving this gift to someone else! Do this for you, feel beautiful for you, say ‘hot damn!!!!!’ for you! 

In the spirit of wedding season, here is an incredible woman that used a boudoir session for her wedding as an excuse to give herself the gift of her lifetime. 

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