This time last week: Chicago as seen by an Atlanta boudoir photographer

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This time last week we (myself and makeup artist extraordinare, Caroline) were headed to Chicago!! 


Why visit Chicago in March? Well, because our incredible clients asked us to. Boudoir photography knows no seasons, people!!!! 

Did we forget what 40degrees felt like? Yes. Were we a little too used to Atlanta’s 85 degree week? Sure. Did we storm Nordstrom, Target, Bloomingdales, etc for scarves and gloves? You betcha. 

At the end of it all Chicago was an incredible experience. Big thanks to Sofitel for the incredible suite that kept us warm, comfy, and able to see the beautiful skyline. 

Here are a couple of my favorite images from our boudoir session in Chicago. Boudoir photography also knows no borders :) 


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