"I'm going to be the one woman that you can't photograph." | Boudoir confessions

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"I'm going to be that one woman that you can't photograph" and other boudoir fears.

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Repeat this in your head about half a dozen times an hour between now and the end of the day and you'll have an idea of how much I hear this statement.

Your greatest fear is that you're unique; that you're the 'chosen one' to resemble 'Sloth' from The Goonies.

In your fabulous uniqueness you begin to retract so that you can look like the models on my website. The thing is, NO one on my website is a model. The women you see, that I meet and share with everyday, are you. They are nurses, they are mothers, they are cancer survivors, festival go-ers, cosplay enthusiasts, and abuse survivors. They have trust funds and they have debts, they are divorced, they are about to get married, they are unable to have children, and they are dog-hoarders. They are unique and they are themselves.

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Be unique for me!

As you try to fit yourself into an idea of how things 'should be' you limit yourself on how things CAN be. Let me guide you. Let me photograph the qualities that are there.. Even if it's been 10years since you've been able to see and feel what's inside.

Take heart in knowing that it is in my best interest to photograph you perfectly. I want you to show your friends so that they come see me, too. That won't happen if I screw up. 

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So take a deep breath, start looking at yourself in the mirror and naming the qualities that you love about yourself. Give yourself 3 positive compliments before you start zeroing in on your split ends and splotchy skin (the camera won't ever see that).

You won't be my outlier!


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There is so much preparation that we will go through together in order to make sure your boudoir session is 100% successful, but we can't start your preparation until you book your session! Ready to get on our calendar and start the process? Get in touch here!