Do I have to go nude for my boudoir shoot?

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‘I don’t want to show anything’

‘Do I have to be nude?’

‘I cannot be nude for my shoot, just in case these ever get out… My family/church/kid’s teachers/law firm would freak the F*** out.’

‘No nudes, please, I’m not that comfortable. I know that I look better in clothing.’

‘My fiancé hasn’t seen me naked yet, and I want to wait for that.’

‘My C-section scar shows and my boobs are more than deflated, I would prefer to be a bit covered.'

These are some of the word-for-word sentences that I see every day from clients. There are more, but generally they say the same thing: “Please don’t make me be naked!!!!’. 

I realize that boudoir photography has a tendency to not only excite you because ‘HOLY S*** THAT CAN BE ME’ but also terrify you because ‘HOLY S*** THAT CAN BE ME!’. It’s easy to see images on Pinterest, on Instagram, and even on my website that you lovelovelovelovelove aside from one thing: nudity. That 'nudity' thing has you hesitating and questioning whether or not you can or should even consider a boudoir session. After all, after seeing 938 images of Pinned nude women (maybe covered by a dish towel), it is hard to imagine your boudoir session including any kind of clothing at all. 

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You know what? 

It’s possible!!! 

Yep, for sure. Totally do-able, and not ONLY it is do-able…. it can actually be MORE than do-able (just do-able sounds like a compromise). No-nude boudoir is STUNNING.

Suggestion is everything. 

Let that shoulder shine.

Oh lady, your LEGS!!

Whoa your boobs look great in that bra.

Holy shit your hosiery hits you just right.

Damnnnnnnnn that robe is suggestive.

Your corset is incredibly flattering. 

Nudity is not a requirement. 

Let that sink in, and let it calm you. 

Nudity is NOT a requirement. You and I will work together, along with Kelsey (my client manager and wardrobe designer extraordinaire) to design a wardrobe set that highlights your best assets. We’ll instruct you on colors and fabrics, cuts and silhouettes. I will never pressure you to be nude, and honestly….. nudity is not always the best option. 

After your session is booked you’ll have a questionnaire from me that asks about your preferences for nudity (among other things, like snacks). If you ask me to push you then I WILL push you, because that’s what you asked for. However, I will never force you into a position or exhibition that you are not comfortable with. 

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So, that being said. Be honest and be you. A completely covered confident woman is better than a nude and shaking nervous woman. 

Love you guys. 

(For the record, I only want to be nude about 300 days after my last cheese-dip consumption or 1 day after my last Hot Yoga class….which for the record has not occurred in the last 15 years). 

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