Planning for your Boudoir shoot: Thigh Highs 101

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Until booking your boudoir shoot, you probably haven’t given a ton of thought to thigh-highs. Unless, of course, you are a pin-up model from the 1930’s. While they are not a necessity for a boudoir shoot, you have to admit - they do look great on your legs, and can really help your “boudoir / I’m-always-this-sexy-for-real look”.

One thing I want you to watch out for is self-stick versus non-stick thigh highs. Who knew thigh highs were complicated enough to have a ‘thing’ to watch out for?! (By the way, all of this “stick / thigh” talk is just making me think of stick or non stick pans and chicken thighs. Mmmm).

Self-stick is pretty self explanatory; they work if you are not wanting to wear a garter belt. Please buy a size up, because they squeeze tight (to stay up and in place, probably.. just a guess ;)).  Keep in mind that you will not want to have red marks for the rest of your shoot from the tights digging into your legs! 

Non-stick cannot stay up by themselves, and are meant to be worn with a garter belt.  These are the kind you will want to bring if you want the garter belt look - they are easier to attach to the garter belt if they don’t have a hunk of sticky rubber on them!

Pretty simple, right?  Don't worry, you probably just didn’t know because you’re not Betty White :).

thigh highs garter belt boudoir photography shoot
thigh highs garter belt boudoir photography shoot
thigh highs garter belt boudoir photography shoot

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