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What colors or patterns will look best? 

Wardrobe planning is, of course, a HUGE part of your boudoir session!! We want you to feel as confident as you can, and part of that confidence will have to do with the items you are choosing to bring in and wear for the shoot. We will be here alongside you planning out your wardrobe - you can save your sweating for all the posing at your session ;).

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For all shapes, sizes, and skin colors, the main colors to stay away from are colors that are too bright/neon (unless it holds some special meaning to you. Maybe you want to look like a traffic cone, I don't know your life).

It will also be in your best interest to stay away from crazy patterns and covering yourself in animal print. I have about 15 pairs of leopard shoes, but leopard is extremely eye catching and we would like your BOOBS/BUTT/LEGS/SMILE to be what catches the eye. Unless you want a safari-inspired themed boudoir shoot... road trip anyone?!

DO look for nude colors, off white, black and muted blues and greens. These colors won't draw as much attention from the important stuff, and also look great on camera (the camera does weird technical things that makes some colors better than others... that will take another blog/YouTube tutorial/college textbook to explain). If you happen to love items in purple, red, pinks, just email us your examples and we will tell you what we think, based on your complexion!  

Here are a few examples/eye candies/things to get your thoughts going about planning out your wardrobe!

woman in blue lingerie for boudoir session atlanta boudoir
plus size boudoir photography what to wear for your boudoir session
what to wear for a boudoir session atlanta boudoir photography
woman in green boudoir wardrobe