Happy little accidents.. | Atlanta Boudoir photographer

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

Let's just say that if you're getting a little undressed in front of the camera with someone you may not have met before then you PROBABLY don't want there to be any accidents. For the most part, no one has been harmed in the making of any of these photos :)

However, an accident can happen sometimes and the result is one you never would have thought to 'accidentally' create on your own. What makes an image a unique "holy crap this is my favorite images taken in my entire life up tot his point in time" type of photograph can sometimes be a flaw or an error...

And cue Bob Ross...

Those flaws and errors are just 'happy little accidents'. 

We rip a lot of thigh-highs in this studio. At first we ripped them on accident (always bring a back up!), but after loving this image and the rip that is so suggestive, we've started to rip thigh-highs on purpose. 


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