OWN Boudoir - more than sexy pictures.

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

It is always so so refreshing when I meet people who "get it".

Boudoir sessions are sometimes more than just about sexy photos, although that is certainly part of it. Recently, a writer at  the Daily Beast reached out to me to chat about all things Boudoir.... and she gets it. The article is featured on the website amongst a gazillion articles covering news, people, and happenings from all over the world. 

"Cancer patients. Sexual assault victims. Body-shaming sufferers. Boudoir photography is not your everyday version of ‘sexy.’" - The Daily Beast

You probably "get it", too - or maybe you really do simply want beautiful photos, which is great also! Either way, you can read all about the idea that boudoir is much, much more than just sexy photos here, on the Daily Beast website. Note: The photos used in this article are not my OWN ;). 

beautiful woman in atlanta own boudoir photgraphy pink robe