OWN Boudoir makeup artist spotlight: Andrea!

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This week's spotlight is on our spunky, spirited, fun, and gorgeous Andrea! We love the energy and personality she brings to OWN sessions, and you will too! Also, your perfected hair and makeup will be a nice little bonus :). 

1. What is your background? How did you come to be a makeup / hair artist?

I started playing with makeup when I was 5 - as soon as I was tall enough to go through my mom’s makeup drawers :). I always loved doing makeup for friends for homecoming, formals in college, and going out! I graduated from UGA with a degree in Journalism, but I realized that I had more fun doing makeup for friends before going out downtown.

The way I decided to officially go the professional makeup artist route is a funny story - I was at a wedding once and the photographer came up to me because she noticed my makeup! From that connection I got my first makeup gig - for a boudoir shoot! The rest is history.

2. What is your favorite beauty product (skin care and makeup)?

For skin care- Honestly, I just recommend my dermatologist, Dr. Stephen Kraus with Atlanta Dermatology Associates.

For beauty - Mally pore defender. The creator is a makeup artist! The product is a powdery gel primer which sets makeup, and you don’t have to use power if you use it. It’s a flawless finish!

own boudoir makeup artist atlanta makeup

3. What is something you wish people would stop doing with makeup? 

Stop getting ideas from Instagram! There is a lot of performance art/makeup on Instagram that is not meant to be applicable to everyday life. It is stage makeup for night lighting. 

Basically, stop trying to use makeup to change your face. Instead, find ways to enhance what you do like instead of trying to figure out tricks to downplay what you don’t like. 

4. What is your favorite makeup trick?

I love finding multiple uses for one product! A little eyeshadow on lips, lipstick on eyelids, the possibilities and combinations are endless :). 

5. What are three things that everyone that sits in the makeup chair (for a boudoir session) needs to know?

1. I am not judging you at ALL.  Even if you have wrinkles, dry skin, and/or show up as busted as can be, you’re not coming in with a “challenge” :). There is no worst case scenario - I have seen every type of skin/look/ethnicity.

2. Have realistic expectations on what I can provide. If you want to bring in an example, you have to find celebrities that have similar face/bone structure. We have to work with what you have...If you’re a Cameron Diaz, I can’t make you a Kim Kardashian :).

3. This whole thing is supposed to be FUN! You’re going to have a good time. Also, the nerves are understandable, but unnecessary. I’ve been working with Sarah for years and I have never had a client that hasn’t had a good time. Makeup time is also a time to relax...and, I’m pretty damn fun! So between me and Sarah, you’re going to have a good time. 

atlanta makeup artist own boudoir makeup artist

6. How can clients prepare for the session before they arrive?

Overall I would recommend you hydrate a lot beforehand - for all the champagne and the core workout that’s about the follow the makeup session ;). Also, do what you can to get good sleep the night before, it’s an emotional day! (In the best way possible). 

7. What can my clients do to help you make sure your job goes smoothly? 

I like to hear "don’ts". I can look at you and know what I visualize and want to do. So, if you don’t want me to touch your eyebrows up too much, or don’t like a certain shade of lip color, if you don’t like false eyelashes (not recommended), that’s okay! I prefer to have that open dialogue before I start, rather than after the fact.

8.  What is the best way for a client to let you know that they aren't feeling what you're doing?

I like to talk strategy! We have a goal to accomplish, and we are both working towards that goal. I am on your team… let’s narrow it down, and have faith that we will figure it out. If you do start to feel like you don't like what I'm doing, don’t feel like you’re in too deep, or that we wont have time and be unable to go backwards... we will fix it!

9.  Any last words?

Just know how much I respect you for making this decision, and having the guts to go through with it! I understand the struggle of worrying what you look like yet still choosing to celebrate yourself with yourself or another person!!  

atlanta makeup artist own boudoir makeup artist