Makeup classes just for you - in Atlanta!

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Do you love makeup? Duh, who doesn't. Do you know how to use it based on what looks best for you? No matter your skill level, we could all stand to learn a trick or two!

From everyday looks to learning how to do your OWN boudoir makeup, look no further than Paint Shop in Atlanta! One of our select makeup artists here at OWN Boudoir in Atlanta, Raney, has started a makeup class website! Check out our recent interview with her about how she approaches boudoir sessions and what she recommends to boudoir clients.

Paint Shop offers classes where Raney will teach you a variety of different looks. My favorite part of these classes is that you will find out what works for YOU - your skin tone, complexion, facial features. Each class focuses on a specific list or skill... here are a few examples:

  • Smokey Eye
  • Holiday Updo's
  • the Festive Face
  • the Hangover Face (don't lie - you know you need this one)

Check out Paint Shop's upcoming workshops, starting in October here

own boudoir makeup artist in atlanta