OWN Boudoir makeup artist spotlight - Raney!

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

It's time to introduce another one of my make-up artists!!! Raney is a talented makeup artist here in Atlanta, who has been working with me and my boudoir clients for years! Read on to learn about her makeup tricks, tips, background, and her biggest piece of advice for everyone sitting in the boudoir makeup chair. 

1. What is your background? What led you to this profession?

I have a background working in theater!  Backstage, I developed a huge love of the transformative process. I wanted to see if I could turn that into a second career path, so I went to a design institute in Vancouver for makeup artistry. 

I moved to Atlanta in 2006 out of a desire for a big change! I figured a move would provide a good opportunity to start a fresh business! I started my makeup experience in Georgia working a Bloomingdales, then did freelance for multiple cosmetic companies. Eventually, I realized that I wanted to do my own thing and not have to push products.

2. What is your favorite skin care/beauty product? 

My single most important skin care item is sunscreen… My favorite is Supergoop Serum because it is really sheer yet offers a lot of protection. I will also reflect what Brielle mentioned - I love rosebud salve (you can get some at Sephora) - it’s skin care, it’s makeup, you can use it all over your body, on makeup days, non makeup days, and so on.

One of my favorite products is Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder.  This is especially great for setting under-eye products, and ensures that you won’t look get a cakey look. You can also sometimes use it on the entire face for an all over glow. 

OWN boudoir makeup artist atlanta

3. What is your favorite skin care brand?

Neocutis - Biocream. It is pretty thick, but it’s really reparative if you’ve used Retin-A, had a chemical peel, or sunburn. It is very soothing while repairing and nourishing very fast. (You can get it at the dermatologist or online; not a department store.)

4. What is your favorite makeup brand?

I am a big Laura Mercier fan for all things coverage - foundations, concealers, powders… as well as NARS for color and bronzer!

5. What is something you wish people would stop doing with makeup?

I don’t have a lot of rules - I actually wish people would STOP having rules - but one thing I hate to see is when girls wear eye makeup without mascara. If you only do one thing, ONLY use mascara. Otherwise, it just looks like you didn’t finish your makeup.

OWN boudoir makeup artist atlanta

6. What is one of your favorite makeup tricks (for boudoir and for life)? 

Don't be afraid to use guides for boudoir or generally more intense makeup looks - any kind of straight object to use as a stencil or guide for cheeks and the nose. 

Do the eyes first!! And white eyeliner - This trick helps with redness in the rim of your eyes, has an overall brightening and opening effect, and helps everything look crisp. However, women of color should try a softer or not-so-stark white concealer pencil - but BE CAREFUL when using one.  

7. What are 3 things that boudoir clients sitting in the makeup chair should know? 

  1. I don’t have an agenda… there is no fantasy you might have for your face/makeup/look that is off limits. From 70s glam to pinup... I have zero judgement for what you see for yourself. 
  2. I’m not easily offended… it is a huge gesture of trust if you think something isn’t right to tell me and allow me the chance to help you feel comfortable. 
  3. Your face can’t be too clean. Really really check your face over to make sure there is no remaining lip balm, mascara, etc. 

8How can clients prepare for hair and makeup? 

  1. Come clean! Brush your teeth! There's nothing better than fresh breath and a clean face... for you and for the makeup artist :).
  2. I’ve never seen what you normally wear (for makeup or dressing up), so having some way to express what you NORMALLY like vs. what you would like to see, or what you would NOT like to see, would be very helpful. You can also just show me a photo from normal life.
  3. Manage your expectations - For example, recognize that if you have chin length hair, we only have a couple options. Or, if you have extremely thick long hair, it’s probably not going to look beachy and full at the top - You have to have layers for beach waves.

8. What can my clients do to help you with your job for everything to go smoothly? 

Everything I just said… especially being honest - I like to say that it only takes a drop of pee to ruin a glass of water...If you are honest with me you filter all the pee out ;). When you look in the mirror that’s the last thing that’s done and we are sealing the deal. Express yo’self!

9. What is the best way for a client to let you know that they aren’t feeling what you’re doing?

Don’t be afraid to be specific - it is even okay if you HATE it. I will not be offended. I know that you aren’t saying that I did a bad job - you just don’t like the choice I made, and there are a million choices that can be made! I can give you other options… if it is hard to describe what you don’t like just try to come up with a word: dark, mask-y, too much, not enough, whatever your gut reaction may be. Don’t be afraid to give negative feedback; it’s absolutely helpful bc then we can turn it into a positive.

10. Any last words of advice or thoughts to anyone coming into a boudoir session? 

I have seen women come in to shoot with Sarah with every type of body issue or concern imaginable. I have always heard them afterwards saying that they see themselves in the new light. You will not even think about the insecurities during your session because Sarah will hear you and will give you a visual reality of yourself. We don’t always see ourselves from other vantage points - We usually see ourselves in the mirror with no awareness of bad lighting, etc. We spend a lot of time in our lives envisioning our fantasy self and Sarah will bring it to life!