Atlanta makeup artist interview: Own boudoir

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Everyone - here is Brielle! You will love her, promise.

own boudoir makeup artist

What is your background?

I’ve been in the beauty industry about 10 years. I graduated high school when I wa 16 and went straight to esthetician school. I started working in a spa in Baltimore when I was 17 and got super bored - I wanted to be more creative! So I moved to Atlanta and started freelancing, working in fashion and print, corporate and commercial, and boudoir!

Esthetics gave me a better understanding of both skin and makeup. I can give my clients a lot of tips on skin care, hair growth, waxing, etc. My approach is holistic and I incorporate what is best for your skin and what will make it look its best.

What is your favorite beauty product?

Rosebud Salve product - it is versatile and can be used as a lip balm, moisturizer, cuticle cream, and can be used as a lip stain!

I also love Smashbox Photo Op - used as an under eye reflector/highlighter. Too much concealer can look heavy and make the skin under your eyes wrinkled in appearance, but this product helps light bounce without beint too heavy.

My favorite skincare brand is Dermalogica. They have a hybrid of medical and cosmological purpose, so they have a range of products for all skin types.

My favorite makeup line is Makeup Forever - they have makeup for everyday life and for on-camera coverage.

What is something you wish people would STOP doing with makeup?

Over-tweezing / over-waxing eyebrows!

Also, choosing the wrong color or too heavy of a foundation. My tip is to bring a friend with you or let the ladies behind the counter help you. You can also utilize the return policies! Sephora,Ulta, and department stores have open return policies, so if something isn’t right then take it back.

Egyption-style eyeliner is also a no-no… with the super thick eyeliner all around the eyes. Blondes tend to go too dark with eyeliner in this way… change up your regimen- Take a makeup lesson, don’t do the same thing you’ve been doing. Trends change but technique does not.

What is your favorite makeup trick?

Do your eyes first...before you apply foundation! There will be no need to clean up any of the mascara or eyeliner that bleeds onto foundation. You will end up more flawless.

For boudoir, what are three things that those who sit in the hair/makeup chair need to know?

  1. Makeup is going to look a lot heavier in person than it will look on camera, so don’t freak out. We are highlighting your best features and making sure they show up on camera.

  2. Some makeup will trigger allergies - make sure to communicate any allergies you have. (Latex, gluten, perfumes, essential oils).

  3. This session is meant to be encouraging and uplifting, and it is all about you. We are trying to emphasize your ultimate beauty, so be comfortable knowing it is all about you and what you want.

own boudoir makeup artist

How can clients prepare for hair and makeup?

Hair: Hair should be clean and completely dry. Day-old hair isn’t always best. As long as it is completely dry we can add texture, but it is harder to make hair do what you want when it is dirtier. If you have natural wave don’t straighten it; we will use your natural texture to help gain volume and texture in your style.

Skin: If coming straight from work bring cleanser to wash off your makeup, but we would prefer you come in with a clean face and no makeup at all. The previous day’s eye makeup should be completely gone.

Wear a button down or wide necked shirt - no tight shirts, or bring a robe so that we can remove easily after hair and makeup is done. Wear something comfortable since you will be sitting for awhile.

What can clients do to help you out with your job and make sure everything goes smoothly?

Be HONEST! Communicate. This is about the client, not the makeup artist. I do this all the time so you are not going to hurt my feelings. I want to hear from you exactly what you want. Bring in inspiration pictures… these can help define what you really want out of a ‘smokey eye’ or a ‘vintage glam’ look. Also, trust us. We are not going to ignore your requests and turn you into a Kardashian wannabe, but we do know how your makeup will translate on camera.

What is the best way to let you know that a client isn’t really feeling what you’re doing?

Again, just be honest! There are no hurt feelings. When you are looking in the mirror, if you don’t love it, try to focus and figure out what you don’t love and then describe why.. too dark? Too light? Not enough? Wrong color?, etc. You can say “I hate it!” and that is okay too! You may be outside of your comfort zone but that is okay, this whole day will be at least a little uncomfortable, and you can and will still come out looking fabulous despite the discomfort. We will do our absolute best to bring you as close to comfort as possible.

Last thoughts?

Have FUN! Enjoy yourself!!! I love this whole experience and I can’t wait for you to love it too!

own boudoir makeup artist

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