Boudoir tip: What colors should I wear?

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When booking a boudoir shoot, naturally, one of the most frequent question clients ask is pertaining to wardrobe selection. What to wear? What looks best for my body type? Where should I shop? What colors look best on camera?

When it comes to colors, I love neutrals such as nude, off white, cream, etc. If you want colors, muted colors look best.  SUPER powerful colors (bright orange, yellow, hot pink etc) tend to overpower everything else in the photos and cast a color tone on your skin. Unless, of course, hot pink happens to be your spirit animal.  

Check out the beauties below for an example! 

boudoir photographer what to wear atlanta boudoir
atlanta boudoir photographer what colors to wear
own boudoir atlanta boudoir photographer
atlanta boudoir photographer own boudoir

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