My most commonly asked question... and my answer!

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The question that I'm asked the most: "Do you touch up my photos.....or are all your clients models?"

The short answer is yes - I do some retouching, including skin smoothing and minor retouching of scars or cellulite (yes, even on 'skinny' girls)... and no, not all of my clients are models :). What's important, however, is that the photos still look like YOU.. just a really really hot version of you :).'s totally normal to want retouching!! 99.99999% of us want to see ourselves in the best light possible (literally). To remind you how beautiful I believe you EACH are, with or without retouching, I'm quoting my own (get it...OWN?) website, below!

You will OWN your session. You will be your OWN. You aren't generic, and you aren't a semi-annual sale. OWN isn't about reducing the amount of butter to make you loose a quarter inch. OWN isn't about reducing anything. OWN is about throwing in all of the goodies, building and strengthening what you already have.
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