The boudoir experience, from start to finish

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Have you ever wanted to know exactly what goes on in an OWN Boudoir session? Are you wondering what to expect if you decide to book? Wonder no more, I am giving you a play by play!

When you reach out to me to book, you'll be given a full explanation of your options. Options can include: Session types, hair/makeup, prints, snack choices, etc. 

Once we nail down a date and time, we will book your session via an online contract and begin planning!  Before the shoot you will get a questionnaire from me that helps you and I to plan the specific details of your shoot. You'll be able to give me your music preference, share images that you love, let me know of areas that you NEED photographed (and don't need photographed!), and give me a background on your motivation.. Those questionnaires help me to photograph my clients in the best way because I'll learn exactly what you love (and don't love so much).

We will go through your outfits when you get here!

We will go through your outfits when you get here!

Sessions are conducted by ME (Sarah) and there will not be anyone else in the studio aside from the makeup/hair artist (if we decide to book the full session). She will only stay through the first couple of images to make sure that the masterpiece translates well to camera :) I'll be the master of posing during the shoot and I promise to never tell you to 'show me your sexy face!'. My clients often comment on how great it was to be told exactly what to do... and so I'll never change! I can be bossy, but you can always tell me to chill out :) 

All of the outfits, lined up and ready to go! 

All of the outfits, lined up and ready to go! 

At the session I'll have refreshments, champagne/mimosas/coffee if it's requested, a personal playlist, and enough energy to last the entire time. When you get here, we will go through all the items you brought and I will pick out the best of the best! I will show you images from the back of the camera to ensure you that all the awkward posing actually looks gorgeous and natural!

After your session you'll breathe a huge sigh of relief or joy that it's OVER and that you did an awesome job. The reason why you'll be so glad that it's over is that this can KIND OF be like a 3 hour pilates session.  You'll leave the studio and hopefully go out on the town (or to Target) in your fully done hair or makeup, or go straight to the spa for a needed massage from all the yoga-like poses I put you in.

About a week or two after your shoot we will have a viewing appointment where we will meet again in the studio, this time to go through all the gorgeousness! We will choose your favorites and begin selecting whether you want digitals, prints, albums, or all of the above. If you choose to do an album, we will design it and send it via email for you to view and approve. Then that's it! You're set to receive everything in the next week or two. The total process takes 4-6 weeks on average. 

And that's it! If you have any questions you can always ask before booking. Do you want to meet me? GOOD!! Let's meet! Pre-shoot consultations are some of my favorite things to do. It helps you and I to extra-prepare for the session and provides a buffer of comfort for the shoot. 

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