There's a new sheriff in town.... kind of

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...and her name is Larissa!!! 

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If you are a current client then you have no doubt heard from her at least once. She's here to wrangle all of you together and lay down the law over here at OWN boudoir. There isn't much law to be laid, though, so she is mostly doing the wrangling. 

Larissa has been silently working behind the scenes here at OWN boudoir for nearly 2 years. She is responsible for most of the initial editing that was done on each shoot since December (or was it November?) 2013! 

Recently I've taken back over the entirety of editing so that she could be promoted to Studio Manager. It has been a role that REALLY needed to be filled by someone other than myself as I was beginning to let email run wild, mis-schedule shoots, get behind on shipping, and generally just chew my hair for hours a day. 

Larissa has taken over managing the day-to-day events and needs of the studio while also offering extended options for communication (i.e. she stays on our client's tails). When you book a boudoir session with OWN, you'll be getting the best experience possible due to there now being an extra set of arms, legs, and an extra brain. Call us the boudoir-cyborg. We're so sexy

There ARE some things that she will not be doing:

  1. Creeping in on your boudoir sessions
  2. Feeding me grapes and champagne
  3. Answering the phone at 7:30am 
  4. Facebook stalking you

Here are some facts that would be great to know about her. Feel free to ask her anything else you want to know! She's always available! 

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  • What is your background? Where are you from and what did you do before working at OWN? 

I'm from south Georgia and have been in Atlanta for 8 years. I moved here after getting my masters in Art Therapy from FSU. Before I came to work at OWN I worked at a Drug and Alcohol abuse counseling center.

  • Name one of your favorite things to do around Atlanta.

Without a doubt I love going out to eat at different restaurants! There are so many fun places to go to and experience! 

also... MARGS!

  • What is your biggest pet peeve?

When I can't find parking around the city. 

  • Name the first thing you notice about another person.

I probably notice whether or not they make eye contact. That is very important.

  • What are your 'stay-on-the-couch-for-three-days' Netflix binges?

Current: OITNB (Orange is the new black)

Past: MadMen and Breaking Bad (just like everyone else)

  • What is your guilty pleasure?



  • What is the weirdest thing about a boudoir session?

Not knowing what you look like. 

In the age of 'selfies' we almost always know who we look in pictures, and so for boudoir it is weird not to know what you look like (especially if you're in lingerie). The poses feel SO weird and you don't get that immediate satisfaction of knowing that you nailed it. 

  • In working with the women that become clients of OWN, what is the thing you were most surprised by?

I'm surprised by the number of women that are SO open about their personal lives and experiences. Of course this session is an intimate one, but it's not just intimate pictures that are being shared... we're sharing intimate and deeply personal stories. The entire experience is just really personal and it was initially shocking to me to find that women were so open about themselves. It's really amazing!

  • What should past, present, and future OWN clients know about you?

That I truly care about their experience. I've been there before, I've had my session done, and I'm a photographer, too. I understand what they are going through. I understand that this is a deeply personal experience and that personal may mean that they come in happy, sad, hateful, nervous, excited, etc. 

I'm no stranger to struggle and they should know that I think that this can be a really great way to take a 'struggle break'. 


Additional info:

  • Larissa is ALSO a photographer! She has a separate business under the name 'Larissa Rene Photography'. Her focus is on children, families, and seniors. 
  • She has an art background and is a fantastic oil painter. 
  • Her style is more 90s grunge than she would like to admit
  • She isn't one to shy away from purple hair or purple lips.


And here is Larissa enjoying some wine during our trip to Napa a few years ago!!!

And here is Larissa enjoying some wine during our trip to Napa a few years ago!!!