Tip of the summer: How to pose in a bathing suit.

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

With swimsuit season in full swing and the ever increasing popularity of selfie sticks, I thought I could offer some of my behind-the-camera knowledge to something applicable to all the ladies on the beach or by the pool!  

1.) Don’t do the straight-on shot

This pose doesn’t allow the camera to register any of your shape and angles because your entire body is on the same camera-plane. The result is a very flat shot that gives the illusion of a wider and shorter shape.

how to pose in a bathing suit

2.) Don’t do the legs-apart-shot

For the same reasons as above, this pose causes the camera to see you a bit wider and shorter. When feet are a part the eye sees a ‘box’ instead of anything curvy. While the hand-on-the-hip is usually a great idea, in the straight-on and legs-apart shot it can accentuate the ‘box’ figure. I also think this makes me look pissed. I’d rather look approachable 

You can see in this image how my body looks much wider since the eye is drawn to the distance between my feet and creates a ‘boxy’ assumption about my figure. My hand on my hip is not helping the ‘box’.

3) Don’t put all of your weight on the hip/leg closest to the camera.

Putting your weight on any leg will cause your muscles to bulk up a bit (as it should!). When the ‘bulkier’ or flexed leg is closest to the camera you will look most unflattering. This pose a) creates the illusion of larger thighs and tummy regions b) will make you appear inches shorter c) will give the idea of weight that isn’t there, especially in the tummy area. I can’t believe I am even putting this online. This is something that I would de-tag right away and hold against my so-called friend for the rest of her life.

how to pose in a bathing suit

You can see in this photo how my thighs look very large since that is where I am holding my weight. The angle makes me look much shorter than I am, and I have some bulges in the tummy.

4. What to do: how to pose for that successful shot

  • Stand at an angle
  • Put all of your weight on your back hip and
  • Put your hand on the smallest part of your waist.
I’m going to use this shot for my Miss. America swimsuit entry. I kid, I kid.

I’m going to use this shot for my Miss. America swimsuit entry. I kid, I kid.

You can see an insta-difference between this image and the above image. They are the same pose, just with the back-hip/leg holding my weight. The angle works well with the camera. I have what I want to appear the ‘smallest’ the furthest away from the camera. This pose should be your go-to. Hands-on-hip are a great accessory to this pose, but make sure your elbows are out so that you don’t appear to only have one arm.

Success!! I hope all of your swimsuit images are stupendous this year. Remember, these posing tricks/tips also apply to clothed photos!!