What's that I say? New boudoir images? On the website? Yep.

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

If you couldn't put the context clues together from the title of this blog post, then I have some news for you! There are a whole lot of new boudoir sessions (or rather, images from those boudoir sessions) up on the main page of this website! 

Most of the sessions you'll see have been completed in the last 3 months here in Atlanta, but I do have a few from my New York sessions, and a couple from Oregon. My goal is for you to have to nearly drive yourself crazy trying to figure out where each session took place. 

Why would I want to drive you crazy? 

The answer is because if you're utterly stumped at figuring out where these stunning clients of mine had the courage to dress down to their lingerie in front of me (boudoir photographer extraordinaire), then that means I've successfully been able to focus more on photographing my clients than photographing the location. Locations can cause wanderlust in photographers, and it can be hard to dedicate ourselves to focusing on the client when you're shooting in a place liken to the Palace of Versailles. 

atlanta boudoir photographer nude photos sheet session new york boudoir

None of these images were taken at Versailles (in case the French government is reading)

Enjoy the new work, and as always... follow my on Instagram for more recent updates on boudoir photographs, my shenanigans, and news! @OWNboudoir