If you spray tan for your boudoir session, read this first!

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

One topic that comes up frequently with my clients is whether or not to get a spray tan before their boudoir session. Unless you want to look like Ross from Friends on his fake tan episode (see below), here are some tips:

  • Plan for at least 2 days between your spray-tan appointment and your boudoir session. Not only will it look much better on camera because the spray will have sunk in and evened out... but this way you won't get tanner all over the white sheets, walls, and sofas in the studio :). Most importantly, though, is the tan just doesn't look perfect until 1 or two showers... so please do not walk in to the studio straight from the spray tanning booth.
  • If you are opting for a spray tan, make sure you avoid tan lines (especially under-the butt tan lines! You might have to do some acrobatics in the booth to make that work out). You're paying for a custom tan, so tan lines shouldn't be an issue! Speak up to the person doing your tan!
  • Don't look like this:
bad spray tan own boudoir