Boudoir for the modest woman

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If you're concerned that your boudoir session will require you to be photographed nude or show more skin than you're comfortable with... be concerned no more! 

Contrary to (a very) popular do not have to ‘show’ everything or anything during your boudoir session. It's true!! You can be as conservative and as covered as you’d like to be. Also, I'd like to think that I'm a talented enough photographer that clothing won't get in the way of me creating beautiful boudoir images of you.

When planning your boudoir session with me we will go through a variety of options for your wardrobe. Having fully discussed the options for clothing before the session, you'll walk into your day sans-nude anxiety. This is about YOU and creating your own experience. There are so many really beautiful or sensual little outfits, tanks, boyshorts, etc. available to shop for (or pull from your own closet!!) that might be reflective of your personality or show a side of yourself that you'd like to play up. If you're at a loss for where to start (but know EXACTLY where you want the clothing to end) leave it to me. Let's discuss what you'd like to wear and I'll find it for you. 

Sensuality is more than just skin, and beauty ISN'T just skin deep. Throw on a fuzzy robe and we'll still create beautiful magic. :)

own boudoir atlanta

Lacey lace lace.

atlanta boudoir own boudoir

See? So pretty and feminine! 

own boudoir atlanta