I'm such a hypocrite: An apology to my boudoir community

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

I’ve been such a hypocrite lately. I’ve been a hypocrite to not only my current clients, but to all of my past and future clients. The pedestal that OWN sits on is one forged from the idea that we as women have a unique a personal beauty about us. Each of us has her OWN beauty and should constantly take steps to seeing and owning that. 


Be your OWN beautiful.


...that’s what I say, right? 


Own up to those ‘flaws’ we see in the Nordstrom dressing room or in our awful bathroom lighting. Giggle at yourself when your cell phone camera is accidentally pointed at you and you catch a glimpse at how you’d look with 47 chins. Ignore the dimple in your left thigh and focus on the fact that your shoulders look especially toned today. Take comfort in your ability to be the listening ear to those that need someone to just be there – lord knows that many people covet that trait. 


Lately my thoughts about myself have taken a steady nose dive into destructive territory. Maybe it’s the 12lbs of ‘travel’ weight that I’ve put on (really I just haven’t been disciplined), or maybe it’s that lack of physical activity that comes with the winter (S.A.D. anyone?), or maybe it is just that I haven’t made a strong effort to be kind to myself. Whatever it is, it’s caused me to preach one thing to the OWN community while silently staring at the 47 double chins in my selfie camera. 


My commitment is to stop. Right now


The degrading head-comments will stop, my anxiety over whether to have butter on my broccoli will stop, and I’ll stop giving in to laziness with my discipline. There are little steps that I can take and that we all can take, but the littlest step of all can be taking the time and the effort to be kind to yourself. Follow up every negative thought with two positive ones. Start the day with a compliment. Look for areas of progress and accomplishment in your life. If you need a pep talk then give me a call or shoot me an email, we can pep talk each other!!! 


I’m sorry for being a hypocrite. I’ll get better and we’ll all be better together. 

boudoir selfie

Here is me with 47 chins in a  selfie pic.