One thing that can't be Photoshopped.

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When you are getting ready for your boudoir shoot, it might be easy to overlook a few things. 90 work outs in a month? Check. Drink tons of water? Check. Get your nails done? Check. Ladies: Do NOT forget to also get your brows/stray hair/etc plucked/threaded/waxed! It's the little things...literally... that will make a huge difference in your photos! Find a place that does both your nails and threading/waxing, or just add it to your list of things to do after you get a mani/pedi. That way you have a more pampering addition to the torture that is getting a tattoo- I mean- threading or waxing :). 

Oh, and here's some eye candy, just because I love you.

boudoir atlanta own boudoir engagement ring
own boudoir atlanta bridal boudoir session black and white

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