More shoes, please: What to wear for your boudoir shoot.

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I know you're uber excited to wear all the lingerie, or show off your hot bod. Just remember your feet!! Treat yourself to a pedicure, then make sure to pack some sexy shoes!! Think ahead in case you need to make a last minute purchase/steal from your friend's closet. Here are a couple of do's and don't on footwear: 

  • DO not be afraid to wear high, high heels! No matter your height. You aren't going out on the town, this is for your photo shoot. Heels will show off your butt and calves and add curves.
  • DON'T pick wooden heels, mules, or clogs. No crocs please :). 
  • DON'T bring kitten heels. While they may be great for everyday wear or the workplace, they just don't look great in photos, and don't have enough oomph effect on your legs. 
  • DO make sure there are no major scuff marks on your shoes. 
  • DO create a boudoir Pinterest board, add shoes, and add me so I can see it!
  • DO follow me on Pinterest here- I also have a footwear board!

Check out this eye candy for inspiration:

what shoes to wear for a boudoir shoot

I love the RED shoes here, with wearing no other colors (ok, with wearing nothing else at all...).

what shoes to wear for a boudoir photo shoot

You can also wear knee highs with heels.

what to wear for a boudoir shoot, shoes
what to wear for a boudoir shoot shoes

Hiiiiiiigh heels! Look at those calves!

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