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What do I even wear for this?


Wardrobe, wardrobe, wardrobe. After the workouts, the gallons of water, hot yoga, and staying out of the sun for _____ many days (should be for life, ladies! Or lots of SPF), one of the most important aspects of your boudoir shoot is your wardrobe, or lack thereof. You are going to want incredible quality and well fitted materials. If you're investing money in your boudoir session then your wardrobe should be added to that investment. I know that it is super tempting to pull from the 90% off rack at your local discount store..


After all, when are you going to wear this stuff again? 


The answer is that you're going to be wearing it for eternity in the photos that we take of you. These images will be around for a while, and if you have ill-fitting lingerie then that will also be around for a while. When it comes to lingerie, I will always advocate for spending a bit more on ONE amazing piece that makes you feel like Gisele/Sophia Loren/Ashley Graham/Iman rather than 5 pieces that you only 80% love. When you bring in a pair of undies that you 'only like from the front' that will limit my creativity with you because I'll be panicked that you're going to hate them from the back...even when I create a kick-ass booty picture in them.

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 The details matter in a photoshoot! Have you ever looked back at a Facebook profile image and wondered to yourself 'whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?'

So to answer your question, "Where can I shop besides Victoria's Secret?", Here is a comprehensive list of my recommended places! Most can be found online and if you're in the Atlanta, Georgia area, I've done the hard work for you and found where you can find in the store so you can try on before you buy! (All the links open in a new window).

1) Anna Bella Fine Lingerie- The ladies here have never ever ever ever ever ever sent me a poorly outfitted client. They have a very wide range of styles and sizes. Pam and her ladies can find almost ANYTHING you are looking for and will walk you through the entire process!

2) America Apparel  (Lenox Mall in Atlanta, and online at American Apparel isn't your typical 'lingerie' store. In fact, they aren't a lingerie store at all! They just happen to carry fantastic lingerie alternatives for those of you that are looking for a different look. Look to this store for bodysuits, crop tops, thigh-high socks, boy shorts, deep v-necks, and alternative items! 

3) Agent Provacateur (Phipps and online at Known for incredibly sexy and form-fitting lingerie, AP has an incredible team at the Phipps Plaza location. Their items come in a variety of sizes and are completely unique. While on the higher end of your budget, the fit and fabric always photograph well and this store would provide you with that ONE piece that you fall in love with.

4) L'Agent by Agent Provocateur (Less of a higher-budget than the parent company, online at You can purchase this sister-brand of the above Agent Provocateur at various department stores (Bloomingdales, Nordstrom...). The sister brand takes elements of the larger brand and incorporates them into slightly softer and less provocative items. 

5) Cosabella (Online at )- Cosabella's softer lace-themed brand is so beautiful! It is perfect for the 'I just wear this under my regular clothes' look, or the 'Oh here I am rolling around on a Saturday' look. Causable offers a variety of sizes and fits. 

6) Additional quality brands that you can find in a department store (Macy's, Nordstrom):  Elle McPherson, Cacique, Calvin Klein, Dita Van Teese, Hips and Curves, Kiki Montparnasse, and Zinke.

 WHEW! Have at it, ladies! And have FUN while looking! Here are a few beauties for some eye candy after all that reading:

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