These are my favorite things in 2016, and you're going to love them

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My favorite things (that are semi-boudoir related) for 2016:

So many of you ask my recommendations and references for items that we use here in the studio and that you hear me talk about during your session. There are a few items that I want everyone in the world to have because they are so stinkin' wonderful, and whether or not you know it, if you've been a client of mine then you've been around nearly all of these items at the same time. Some of this list is directly related to boudoir, and other items are just great to have :) I'll try to update this list throughout the year in case I discover any additional amazing gear.


1- Segura Viudas- Can drink this stuff like water, it is so so good.. this is my go-to bubbly for boudoir sessions! 


2- Longchamp backpack- Longchamp luggage is always bigger than you think. Imagine if Mary Poppins had a modern day nylon backpack that she put everything in. It holds my laptop, my camera, tons of stuff I don’t need, has secret compartments, waterproof (to an extent), and ergonomic. Plus, it’s black :) 


3- NYX- Pure Red lipstick: this is the red we put on *everyone* that asks for red. For some magic reason it happens to mesh with most skin tones. It looks scary at first, but is so beautiful when photographed. We’ll apply one layer at a time so as not to freak you out. 


4- Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo- The only dry shampoo that is lightweight enough to not weigh my already greasy hair down, and doesn’t make my scalp look like I stuck it in some fireplace ashes.


5- Chloe Rollerball- It’s just enough perfume and lasts forever. The smell is light enough to be pleasantly forgotten over the day. No grandma smells here. No baby-prostitute smells either


6- Berkshire thigh-highs and hosiery- found on amazon, these babies are the best bang for your buck when it comes to boudoir hosiery. Available in many sizes and styles, they are perfect for your boudoir session or for when you're feelin' fancy. They even make a set that has ALREADY attached lace garter belt. Hello yes. Easy. 



7- Hip Hop BBQ Station on Pandora- everything good about 90s and early 2000s hip hop and r&b. 


8- Adult Coloring books- I know that this is the hip-new-thing right now, but I love them. There is something about giving you mind a break from the screen to focus on coloring inside (or outside, who cares?) the lines. I currently have the Enchanted Ocean book as well as the Cities book. I’d recommend markers, but again, do whatever you want. 


9- Neko Atsume- If you’ve been around me over the last two months then you’ve no doubt heard me confess to being a crazy virtual cat-lady. Neko Atsume is a game that isn’t really a game. It’s basically the 2015 version of the Tamagotchi, and it is oddly satisfying. You get to feel the love and support of your virtual cats all while comparing your kitty collection with your friends. There is no competition, you don’t have to buy anything, just sit and wait for Fred the Ladykiller (yes that is his actual name) to show up and sit in your cat tower. 


10- Jabra noise canceling Bluetooth headphones- These headphones are easily one of the best purchases that I've made in the last 30years. They are rated #1 in headphones in the sub $150 range. They are comfy, light, and keep ambient screams of your enemies to a silent murmur. I'll say they're comfortable enough to wear as a headpiece, too, if you're like me and want to pretend that you're listening to some jams but really you just don't want to talk to anyone. 


And that's it for right now! I'll leave you with a picture of Tubbs, one of my favorite cats in my cat-app. 

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