Boudoir coma?

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Currently I'm in a turkey-roast-macaroni-champagne-pizza-cookie coma. This is known by it's shorter name: Food coma. It's caused by consuming an excess amount of food in a short amount of time. I'm sure some of you are also experiencing this sudden illness... and some of you may have escaped it by choice or circumstance. 

As I slowly digest the month's worth of food that we consumed I'll be entering into another type of excess.... the boudoir coma! 

This next month before the holidays is one that will be packed with lingerie, champagne, curves, lace, leather, and lipstick. It's the boudoir coma that comes every year, and I love it. When I close my eyes I'll see bras and backlighting. When I dream I'll be dreaming of angles and new techniques. 

See you on the other side... :)

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