Giving the gift of Boudoir!

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Gifts are best when they not only please the recipient, but when they excite the giver. When a gift or even the potential of giving a gift renders you so excited that you can barely wait for the holiday decor to hit the shelves 3 months before it’s necessary, that is when you KNOW you’ve hit the jackpot. That is when you KNOW you’ve got a great gift on hand. 

When you come in for your boudoir session, you are as close to a 100% success rate in giving one of the best gifts of all time as you can come. Your boudoir session can be for yourself (treat yo self!) or it can be for someone special. It can be a gift for the potential of someone special. Hell, it can be a gift for someone you’ve never met should you box your boudoir album up and throw it out to sea all ‘message in a bottle’ style. (Let it be stated that I do not recommend the last statement, but do what you want. I’m not your boss :)).

Speaking of gifts… ’tis the season!!! 

The holidays are fast approaching. If you are taken off guard by the gift giving season, then you must not have stepped foot inside of a Target or a Hobby Lobby lately. Bless you. 

Hanukkah, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, the New Year, the winter solstice, et al are all coming up! Our holiday season has already started, but I wanted to go ahed and let you know that for those of you that have not yet let go of summer that there are certain deadlines we’ll need to hit in order to make sure your boudoir session is scheduled, edited, and delivered in time for you to win all of the gift-giving awards. 

Holiday deadlines for having your boudoir session are:

Hanukkah: December 1st
Christmas: December 6th
New Year: December 16th
Valentine’s Day: January 31st

What this deadline means is that the dates mentioned are the absolute last days for us to photograph your boudoir session while still being able to artfully edit and view your images for delivery. 

Did I lite a fire under your ass? Contact me now! We have a few weekdays left during November and the 1st week of December. Weekend availability is extremely limited…but you could get lucky! 

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