Where do I shop for my Boudoir session?

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I am SO glad you asked.

You know where to buy your jeans (I love J.Brand).

You know what cut of Kate Spade little black dress looks the best on you. 

When you try on a sweater from Theory, you know where the shoulders should hit. 

Recently you just discovered that in order to prevent years of bunions you should go up a half-size in those Tory Burch flats.

The Burberry trench coat that you’ve coveted for years is the perfect coat for you because you know that it cinches in your waist just right (plus it keeps you warm...a key quality in coats).


But do you know what looks best on your body when there isn’t a coat/jeans/dress/sheet/bathrobe to cover you up?

Shopping for lingerie is the hardest. It might be the worst (if we're talking about shopping).

We don’t have that many options for a GOOD fit. Bras and underwear are sized in generic A-DD and Small-XLarge. There is rarely a brand that allows us the courtesy of the ‘in between’ and off-the-charts sizing. I remember getting fitted for the 1st time. I could have sworn on all of the homemade macaroni and cheese in the world that I was a 34DD. I knew I'd been a 34DD since 4th grade (not as great as it sounds, but easily allowed me to figure out the powers of manipulation when it came to teenage boys :) ).

I wasn’t even close. 

In waltzes Pam from AnnaBella Lingerie with a 36F. 

I’ve got some knockers, y’all. 

My sizing revelation has helped my current wardrobe situation incredibly. Not only do my boobs now sit where they should (and look better in my Target tank tops), but my boobs look good WITHOUT any clothing covering them up (a key factor of boudoir photography). I should probably move to NYC or San Francisco where I can walk around shirt-less in a bra with no issue. That's definitely a no-go for Atlanta.

The point of this is… you guys need to know where to shop and to figure out what size you wear in all of the 1.76million lingerie brands out there. I am here to help! That is part of my service to you. You should never ever ever feel alone in your quest to be flattered by lace and elegance. Let me be there for you. Call me, text me, email me. We can go shopping together!! What a fun way to break the ice….right?

Over the past year I’ve gotten a few recommendations from clients on places that they’ve had great success, and so I want to list them for you! Check them out, order a few things, check the return policy before you commit, and look GOOD in your boudoir session and underneath your sweaters. 

Thigh Highs/Hosiery:

Amazon (the mecca for EVERYTHING)
Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Search for brands like:



Corsetstory.com - Carries a variety of corset styles from costume to industrial waist-training. 
Agent Provocateur - More expensive, but heavy-duty and super figure flattering. I do have one for the studio so ask about it if you’d like!

Bras, undies, tradition lingerie sets

AnnaBella Fine Lingerie - Located in Alpharetta, GA with online ordering. Call and ask for Pam. Tell them I sent you! They are sweet, non judgmental, and promote your confidence. 

Calvin Klein (softer)
Mimi Holliday

La Perla (store located in Atlanta, incredibly helpful)


Amazon - no ‘shorts’ please :) skirts, dresses, tops are perfect

Spanx - there is nothing like the original!


Free People
Agent Provocateur
La Perla
ASOS - online, great return policy and fast shipping
Etsy - Great source for unique, handmade lace and sheer robes. Beautiful variety.

And there ya have it!!!! Enjoy perusing those sites and stores. Give them a call, say exactly what you want. EACH store I mentioned carries all sizes and so you can be a 28AAAA or a 48HH and find a gorgeous set for you. 

I’ll elaborate more on what styles and sizes are better for certain body types, but as I mentioned before please get in touch to talk through your selections with me. It is not uncommon for me to receive a text message at 8pm on Friday night that is full of someone’s lingerie selections. 

No shame, ladies.