Weekly wrap up #1: New week, new year, new boudoir photos.

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

After a couple of weeks of semi-resting and full-on traveling, I came back to working this week refreshed and excited to start the new year with new goals and new clients. To wrap up my first week back, here are a few things I accomplished: 

1. I went to bed at 6pm one night, and found out that when you do so, you tend to wake up at 1am ready to start your day. 

2. I had some midday margaritas with one of my makeup artists and discussed dreams and plans. 

3. Got a parking ticket. 

4. Purchased a new lens that has been on my list for awhile and will be really great to use for boudoir photography! 

Here are some shots of the beauty I shot this past Monday!

boudoir photography atlanta 2015
black and white boudoir photography atlanta photographer
atlanta boudoir photographer black and white

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