Everything you need for Boudoir is in your closet.

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

If you don't want to break the bank and buy tons of lingerie you'll never wear again (let's be real: we all sleep in sweats and t-shirts anyway, right?), or if you just don't have time to go to the store or order online - look through your closet! ALL your closets. Your closet, HIS closet, and your coat closet. Do this if you don't feel like wearing lingerie, or if you want a more personal and casual look for your photos. Check out the images below for a few ideas, then follow me on Pinterest for a plethora of other ideas! 


Tank tops!! Sheer/thin white tanks, or a lacy tank are super sexy in photos - as seen above. 


Even if your tank is a little loose, or something you might sleep in, it works! See how it's falling down her shoulders? HOT.


Aside from her bootilicious black lace thong (probably in your drawer as well!), check out her fitted collared shirt. If you want that "I wear my man's shirt" look, take a work shirt from your own closet. They fit you better and look better in the photos! Just steal one of his ties for your shoot. 


Another shot of the collared shirt!


Don't forget your coat closet. If you don't have any fur/faux fur, think about your style: preppy? Grab your pea coat. Edgy? Grab your leather jacket. Don't forget your heels, and maybe you just won't be wearing anything UNDER it for your shoot :). 

Checkout and follow my "Non-Lingerie" board on Pinterest as a reference! You can click the photo above to open my pinterest page, or click here