OWNing who you are - not what you think you should be.

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

How do you really feel about yourself? What do you really think about your body?

Now answer this - What do you want your daughter/ future daughter/ nieces to think about themselves and their bodies?

You are setting an example - whether you are intending to do so or not. With social media and regular media, we are constantly exposed to what "they" think is the ideal body type, the ideal lifestyle, the ideal 'self'. It is easy to lose confidence in ourselves and our bodies. Body shaming is so embedded in our culture (dieting ads, too-thin models, fake eyelashes on the Kardashians at all times), it's easy to think of ourselves as imperfect in our own skin. So, STOP it. Decide that this body hatred, low self esteem, and lack of confidence stops with your generation. Teach yourself a lesson that you can pass on to others - about loving your OWN nature and being proud of what is naturally YOURS. 

What can you do today that helps change your perspective?

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